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In it's heyday it was a billion dollar copper camp. By 1960 it was pretty much a ghost town. Today it's an interesting and fun little town with lots of artists, artisans and such.

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Sign says "Mohawk MiniMart" "Open 24 Hours", but appears to be shut downThe Mohawk Minimart from two switchbacks above itLooking up Cleopatra Hill, towards the main part of JeromeThe Museum, on the right and the old hospital, on the leftThe Grand Hotel, sitting above most of the townThe "Flat Iron" building, which housed a small eatery called the Flat Iron.Not much space, inside. But, they do have a nice outdoors patio, across the street.We ate brunch at the Flat Iron. Great food, fresh ingredients prepared well.One of the staff, returning from delivering food to the patio.Another of the staff, returning with more sodas.Built on the side of a mountain, everything slopes and is either up or down.A little gate off of the sidewalk, that goes to someone's yard.Inside the gate, a long stairway plunges down to the small yard.Don't know what it is now, or originally was, but quite an imposing building.