Zenfolio | Dave Beardsley - photographer | Mustang Motorcycle Club of America - MUSTANG NATIONALS 2012 MAY 30th, 2012 KINGMAN, AZ

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Photos from the national get together of the Mustang Motorcycle Club of America at the visitors center in Kingman, Arizona. The last Mustangs were made in 1963. Models sold were Pony, Bronco, Stallion and Thoroughbred. Where I grew up, you could get a scooter license, for operating scooters under a certain horsepower, at the age of 13. Most of the young guys in my neighborhood, including me, got Cushman Eagle or Super Eagle scooters as soon as legally able. When we were old enough for a license with no horsepower restrictions, most of us graduated to Mustang motorcycles before moving up to bigger and faster bikes. Most any time you see a gathering of Mustang owners / cycles, you'll also see Cushmans. At this event, there were lots of Mustangs and Cushmans and also a few other odd and interesting machines.

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